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The New PixelForum

We have decided to completely revamp our forum so that it’s more modern, includes more flow and has more features we think users will enjoy.

Some new key features of the new forum:

  • One login integration - You’ll no longer have to register/login separately here on the forum. Using any of the sites forum redirects will log you in automatically here. If you come to the forum externally (not directly from one of our provided links on PixelMarket), all you do is click the Login button and you’ll be redirected to PixelMarket’s login if not logged in on PixelMarket. If you are already logged in on PixelMarket, you’ll be automatically logged in here by clicking the Login button.

  • Optimization - The site should run much smoother and load quicker than our previous forum.

  • Future Discord implementations - Your ranks in our Discord server will soon be dependent on your activity (replies, created topics, likes, badges, etc) here on the forum itself. However, your activity will not be the ONLY thing it’s dependent on. It will also be dependent on activity and achievements on PixelMarket itself as well.

Please make sure to use tags when creating buying/selling threads, as these are used to help sort threads. If you think of a useful tag that could be added, please contact us either by Discord or at support@pixelmarket.net

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