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Upcoming changes to seller payment formula

When PixelMarket initially launched, we envisioned a marketplace where our users came first and profit last. This is still the main goal as we continue to grow and constantly work on updating the site. However, it has become increasingly difficult to see a real future without some changes. To help secure a future for PixelMarket, we must prepare for system revamps and new features. One such change that will help with an anticipated, and more complex, ranking system, will be to no longer use the buyer fee to calculate a seller’s payment. For the past 5 years, the surcharge a buyer pays at checkout has been 100% given back to the seller. This helped to allow us to keep seller fees down as much as possible, without losing money and continue competing with other sites. We still firmly believe our fees are much more competitive with these other sites, even with this change. The buyer surcharge will now remain with PixelMarket, and will itself be revamped in the future.

This change will not take effect until Wednesday, August 10th, so that we can make all the necessary changes throughout the site.