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What happens if Buyer doesn't 'Confirm'


After a successful item delivery, what happens if Buyer doesn’t want to confirm the transaction? What happens if they say they did not get it? How can Sellers prove it?

This is why two important things must take place:

#1 - Always chat and exchange trade information in PixelMarket’s chat. If it’s done elsewhere, they can be deleted or edited (like Discord) and then you must go through and prove that the Discord user = the PixelMarket user. In PixelMarket chat, staff can just view your chat logs on our end and they can’t be edited/deleted.

#2 - It’s best to get as much information from the buyer as possible, such as an IGN, location of meetings, item specifics, etc. Then it’s best to record (video if possible, otherwise screenshot as best you can) the transaction.

Doing these two things, if the buyer refuses to confirm, we’ll look at the gathered information and will still pay you.

Now, if the buyer simply forgot or they become inactive because they don’t care or didn’t know how and just gave up, it’s different. Most of the time (if you guys chatted through the chat) we can simply tell if the trade was complete and we’ll manually confirm it and send your payment.