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Selling/B> MapleStory Mesos [Bera] [Scania] [Elysium] [Aurora] 🔥

Selling Maplestory mesos in all servers.

Buy Maplestory mesos here - Currently available:
Bera: https://pxl.fm/BeraMesos
Scania: https://pxl.fm/Scania
Elysium: https://pxl.fm/EIysium
Aurora: https://pxl.fm/Aurora

My store: https://pxl.fm/Pasta (Vac pet, 15star thief tyrant belt)

I’m also buying mesos if you would like to sell your stock. I can do direct payments which will save you about 15% (Pixel + PP fees).

Message me through discord or pixelmarket chat. I probably won’t see it if you DM me through pixel forum.