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Update to policy regarding listing on PixelMarket

It has come to our attention that some sellers are listing items on PixelMarket’s marketplace but prefer that customers purchase these items directly from them off of PixelMarket. Not only is this incredibly suspicious and should be an instant red flag to any buyer, but it is strictly prohibited for a few reasons:

:white_small_square: We are still charged the seller’s fee by PayPal if we refund an order in full. That means we still get charged PayPal’s fee of $37-$44 on a $1000 order that gets refunded because of cancelled orders.
:white_small_square: Most of the time a seller requests this, it is so that they can attempt to take advantage of you off of PixelMarket – either directly, or by adding you as an “impersonator” so that they can appear innocent and continue to sell on PixelMarket.
:white_small_square: We view this as taking advantage of our platform. If you were to do this on Amazon or eBay, your account would be blocked instantly after your first attempt to do this. We have zero tolerance for anyone taking or attempting to take advantage of our platform.

If you list an item on PixelMarket, you are expected to sell that item on PixelMarket. Absolutely no exceptions. If you are caught asking buyers to cancel orders in order to make the sale off of the site, your account will be permanently blocked. Absolutely no exceptions. “No exceptions” includes your verification status and seller rank.